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Related article: Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 03:56:19 +0000
From: Brad Goodman
Subject: Family of Four - Chapter 5Legal Notice:
The following story may contain descriptions of graphic sexual acts. These
acts may be between boys or between a man and a boy.The author, or his designee, retains copyright to this story. There may be
no reproducing or distribution of this story without expressed written
consent.Positive emails and feed back may be sent to bradgoodman30hotmail.com ******************************************************
The feed back from chapter 4 has been scarce again, but I am confident my
loyal readers enjoyed it as much as the first three. Please feel free to
tell me how you like chapter five. I have been having a hard time adding to
the existing chapters as I am very busy with my family but I have beat out,
oops I mean turned out 2 more chapters about the past few weeks since our
trip, bringing the story to eleven chapters so far. I hope this one
brightens your weekend.Family of Four By: Brad Goodman
Chapter 5 Copyright August 2002 After a few weeks, I contacted the family lawyer who helped me get custody
of Jake and talked to him about Joey. He said that if everything I told him
about his parents were true and they signed a termination of custody, I
could get legal guardianship of Joey fairly easily. Within 72 hours his
parents had signed away their legal rights. My lawyer informed me that his
mother and step-father pre teen amateur lolita
signed the form with no hesitation and his biological
father was more than happy to sign away his rights as soon as he found out
that he would not be required to pay child support anymore. DHS came out
and did a home evaluation and informed me that they would recommend I get
custody of Joey since that is what he wanted. I kept telling myself this
was way to easy but a month later we had our day in court and everything was
final. School ended and I decided that we all needed a good vacation. We
had all been through a tough year and were ready to relax and forget our
troubles. I never quit my job as you can never have too much income and in
fact I earned my third promotion and a hefty raise. I was now earning
$95,000 a year and I was the head of the accounting department, which
handled our most prestigious clients. I was living a blessed life and knew
it. I had three of the most incredible boys, money in the bank, and a great
job. What more could I want? I asked the boys for ideas for a vacation and
we got on the internet and looked at a lot of resorts. We found a really
nice one in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and immediately knew it was the one.
The resort had a pool that stretched from about the middle of the resort to
the beach. It was over 200 yards long with hot tubs, rivers, waterfalls,
and several bars. On the first Friday after school let out, I booked us a
room using a travel agent. It was actually very reasonable as it cost me
about $750 a person. This was great because the resort was all-inclusive
and we got our meals, drinks, and room service for free. This price even
included the airfare. We were set to go just after the July Fourth Holiday
as it fell on a Wednesday. The boys spent the month of June going to our
neighborhood pool and playing with each other. They were all so close and
amazingly well adjusted for having been dealt so many blows during the last
year. We celebrated the Fourth with a lot of fireworks young russain nude lolita
and had a great time. I
got everyone into bed by 11:00, as our flight was to leave at 8:00am.
However, at preteen lolita underage porn 11:30 my door swung open and three naked bodies pounced on to my
bed and myself. Nick asked if we could all spend the night together and I
caved in. The boys and I spent many nights together in my room. We only
made love about half of the time and the other half we just held each other
and enjoyed the company. If we never had sex I would still love these boys
more than life itself. This night was not to be one of those enjoying each
other's company nights. Joey and Nick were quick to embrace and make out
leaving Jake looking into my eyes and pressing his firm slender body against
mine. He was by far the softest of the boys and his body was still as
smooth as ever. We had always talked about him being next for the last
several months but I had not yet ever made love to him. We kissed
passionately our tongues intertwining and running along each other's teeth.
My hand made its way up and down Jake's back caressing his ass repeatedly.
"I want you in me tonight," Jake told me. He leaned over and grabbed the
lube and applied it to several of my fingers. I began to massage his ass
and tight hole with the lube. We continued kissing me passionately and I
could feel his hands running over my body. I quivered with the thought of
having him for the first time. He pulled my underwear off and began
stroking my cock. He had given me plenty of hand jobs and blow jobs and I
was careful to not become too aroused by this as I wanted to enjoy our first
time making love as much as possible. After all he was the first boy in my
life and I had a very special place for him in my heart. After massaging
his hole for several minutes I began to work my way around him so I could
slid my cock deep into his tight puckered partner. He rubbed his ass crack
on my cock as I positioned my self behind him for a doggie style ramming. I
thought it over and asked if russian lolita legal photos
he wanted to do it face-to-face and he said no
because if we did it doggie style he would get to feel all of me. I then
rubbed my purple headed warrior against his tight hole and slid young russain nude lolita it in. He
moaned loudly and I noticed that Nick and Joey had finished their lol no nude nymphets business
and were watching us intensely. As I pushed forward and pulled back slowly,
but Jake began to slam back as I slid forward meeting me halfway. I was in
ecstasy and I began to jerk Jake off as I banged his butt. My hand was
sliding his foreskin back and forth over his hard penis and he really began
to moan more now. We continued this for about five minutes but it seemed like and hour. I
was panting and sweating and moaning as much as Jake. His sweating smooth
little tight body was turning me on even more. I had my right hand
servicing his now 4 inch member while my left hand was caressing his dime
sized nipples. I felt my cum release and I bellowed pre teen amateur lolita loudly, and as soon as
my sperm splashed inside his bowels he shot his cream in my hand. I
continued delivering meat to his backdoor while jerking him ever so gently.
When we had both spent all our loads slid out of him and brought my cum
covered hand to my mouth. I greedily devoured his love potion and then I
laid on my back and he climbed on top of me. I caressed his body from his
shoulder to his knee as we kissed deeply and repeatedly. "I love you Dad."
"I love you too son." We all fell fast asleep and young sweet lola pics it seemed like only
minutes passed before my alarm went off. I awoke and quickly hit the snooze
button. Jake was on top of me still and his little member was the only
other thing up and stirring in the bed. Nick was pressed against my right
side and I could feel his warmth and the rhythm of his breathing as he lay
there. Joey was pressed against Nick's back with his arm around him so that
his hand was resting on the right side of my chest. I could have stayed
here for eternity if not for the fact that we were leaving for Mexico in 3
hours. I gently woke the boys and guided them to get ready. I got in my
shower and was surprised by Nick when he joined me just 1 minute later. He
for some reason loved me to bath him regularly and quite often lolas model top 101 got off to it
with out me even touching his little buddy. He enjoyed multiple orgasms
when I would take the time to dry him too. Before I could begin lathering
him up the shower door opened and Jake joined us. They both were sporting
good wood and I am sure they were aching for relief. Just then the door
opened again and Joey came in. Now we were packed in the shower with all
our bodies pressing against one another. This was better than the bed
earlier because I loved it when the boys smiled and laughed. It gave me the
greatest feeling to know that these great boys were mine and would one day
grow to be great men. I tried to lather each boy as quickly as I could to
get us on the road but they all needed special attention down below. I must admit that all three of the boys are extremely cute in three very
different ways. Jake and Nick were now twelve and Joey had his thirteenth
birthday as well. Jacob was very slender and had soft, smooth, light brown
skin. He was half Hispanic and half Caucasian which gave him the best
natural tan anyone could ask for. He was now about 5'3 and had a good 4 1/2
inch plus pecker on him. He was never circumcised and had a great foreskin
that extended past his tip by an extra inch. His penis was slender like him
but when he had an erection his cock head was about 2 inches of his total.
It was enormous compared to the rest of him. He had a few hairs now growing
in his pubic area that where long, course and black. They were still so few
you had to get real close to notice. He had great nuts the kind that were
like little walnuts in a sack. They were hair less and dropped at least 2
inches below his beautiful cock. He usually wore glasses and had an almost
"Harry Potter" look to him except he was keeping his hair much shorter now
and of course his great brown complexion. He was a little more serious than
Nick and Joey but he pre teen amateur lolita
was more intelligent. My little man had a tested IQ of
120, although his grades sometimes didn't reflect it. He was definitely a
thinker and sometimes I wondered what he seemed to be pondering so much.
When I would ask pre teen amateur lolita
he would give me a typical kid response. "Nothing." There
were times though that he could be so sweet and loving that you felt like
crying because this incredible kid loves you so much. Nick on the other hand was very different. Nick was about 5'4 and had a
nice 5 inch pecker on him. He was circumcised and had a beautiful dick. It
was thicker than Jake's penis and had a nice milky white color from the base
to the head. The only discoloration on the shaft was his lolita young girl nude circumcision ring
which was a nice brown color. His head was a cool shade of pink when erect
and he had the largest piss slit of all the boys. His balls were small
marble sized ones and completely hairless. He had some hairs growing in
around his shaft but they were so light you could not see them. Nick was
built much thicker than Jake and had good muscle-tone for such a young boy.
Most amazingly his ass was thick but hairless and soft to the touch. It was
firm and it was the most perfect shaped ass I have ever seen. He had
white/blond hair and pale blue eyes that seemed to put me in a trance. He
kept his hair in a bowl cut like Nick Carter did in his early days with the
Backstreet Boys. Nick had a light-hearted care-free attitude which made him
even more attractive. He never let anything really get to him and always
had a great big smile on his face. He had the whitest teeth I have ever
seen. In school, Nick did well but it was because he tried so hard to
please everyone. If you ever felt sad or blue, he was the one with a smile
and a joke to cheer you up, but if that didn't work he had a hug that was so
warm and full of love it could melt an iceberg in winter. Joey was another matter all together. He was about 5'5 now and his golden
tan was just a faint glow on him. The winter had kept him out of the sun
enough to fade his golden complexion. He was not milky white like Nicolas
but he was not light brown like Jacob. He had his very own golden shade of
white that only someone who has seen it knows what I mean. His cock was a
good cut 5 inches and he had a light dusting of hair above it. His shaft
was smooth and thick and it lead to a little head at the top. His penis was
the opposite of Jake's in the sense that it was white, cut, thick, and had a
tiny head. It was very cute though. His balls were by far the russian lolita legal photos
biggest of
the boys as they hung down a good three and a half inches below his cock.
They were good sized and still hairless. (I must admit lol no nude nymphets
that is the way I
prefer them. I think if you have hairy nuts you should shave them; If not
for you, do it for the one you love.) His torso was lean yet firm and well
built. He was not as thick as Nick but if he tried he could put on some
muscle as he got older. My favorite attribute of Joey had to be his silver
dollar nipples. These things were erect and gorgeous. You could always see
them through whatever he wore and I found myself turned on by it time and
time again. I think his eyes were the most fascinating attribute he had. I
could stare into his green pools for hours stroking his short sandy blond
hair. Joey was the smart-ass of the group. He was silver-tongued and knew
how to talk shit with anyone. I was not turned off by this though as I am a
smart ass myself. In fact, I think his sarcastic wit is what I find most
attractive about Joey. He was forward, brazen, and bold and I loved it.
Joey was also tender and kind and knew how to turn on the charm. If you
ever needed some reassurance he could make you feel like a million bucks
with his charm and those amazing green eyes. The shower was warm and got hotter with the addition of my three guests. I
asked all of them to stand single file facing the same direction. I was in
the back with the order as follows Nicolas, Jacob, and Joseph. I lathered
Nick, he lathered Jake, and Jake lathered Joey. We spent special attention
on "waxing the boards" and as they each took turns rotating to me to get
rinsed off I promptly helped them find the relief they so desperately
needed. When they all had cummed on me I asked them to go get dressed and
grab their bags which we had packed earlier in the week. Nick and Jake
left, dried off, and went to their rooms to do as I asked. Joey stayed in
the shower with me watching as I soaped and rinsed off. "Would you like me
to help you now." I told Joey that I didn't want to lose anymore time and
he insisted that I could never make it through security with that in my
pants. With that he stepped to me and we kissed passionately with our
tongues dancing in each other's mouths. He pushed back young sweet lola pics and turned so his
ass faced me and then he said, "I want you inside me now." He was very
forward as usual but I needed some relief. I knelt behind him and spread
his cheeks. Joey told me that he wanted it now and there was no time for
that. I stood up and grabbed Joey by the hips pulling him toward my
throbbing six inch cock. When the tip touched his ass crack he reached
around and grabbed hold of my aching member and pointed right to his
puckered hole. Once my head hit his tight hole he pushed back with a
vengeance and I was completely engulfed by him. We quickly found a good
rhythm with me thrusting forward and him pushing back. There was that
popping noise of his ass slamming into my crotch. I was turned on by this
and his moaning was getting very loud. I thrust a few more times and I felt
my body go numb and I shot my first volley into his cavity. He moaned and
purred when the warm cream began spurting in his bowels. I reached to the
front of Joey to find his member throbbing and no sooner than I touched it
than he began to cum too. We were now shooting our loads in unison. When
we both had finished he slid forward releasing my cock. "I never cummed at
the same time as some one inside me before. It was fucking great!" I
agreed and Joey and I got out of the shower and dried off. We now had only
two hours to get to the airport and the race was on.To be continued.....
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